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COVID-19 Past Updates

Check out our past COVID-19 updates!

COVID-19 백신 접종전 | 후 숙지사항

COVID-19 백신 _ 백신 접종 후.png

SCC is now in the State's


SCC is now in the State's ORANGE TIER (E
SCC is now in the State's ORANGE TIER (한

SCC Is Helping Our

Community To Get Vaccinated!

We are helping our community get vaccina

​여러분, 백신 접종 하셨나요? 백신 접종 차례

& Detailed Vaccine[s] Information

[복사본] 코로나 백신정보 png.png
3 Vaccines Info.png

NEW Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

to Workers In:

[Phase 1b-1 Starts: 02/28/2021]

New Access To COVID-19 Vaccines to Worke

Prioritization for Vaccination


Weekly Update from SCC:

Red Tier Important Reminders

Weekly Update from SCC Red Tier Importan
Copy of Weekly Update from SCC Red Tier

Santa Clara County is now in the RED TIER!

Effective March 3rd, 2021.

산타클라라카운티 레드티어 격상.png
Copy of 산타클라라 카운티 레드티어.pn

Masks On!

Masks On!.png

Happy Valentine's Day!

Let's spread love, not COVID.

Valentine's Day COVID post.png
Valentine's Day Sale Facebook Post.png

For Businesses In This Pandemic

Mandatory Directive_ Capacity Limitation

Previous Weekly Newsletters from Santa Clara County

Misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccinations

Misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccinatio

COVID-19 Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions & Phases of Vaccination Distribution

COVID-19 백신접종 관련 안내

COVID-19 백신접종 안내png.png

Santa Clara County - Purple Tier

(What's Changed?)

Purple Tier - What's Changed_.png
Purple tier 규정 안내.png
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