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Many Korean Americans are unable to secure available government benefits because their limited English proficiency intimidates them too much to approach government agencies, or simply because they are not aware that they qualify for such benefits. KACS staff provides counseling, workshops, and individual assistance to low-income seniors and families about various Federal and state government assistance programs such as Medi-Cal, Medicare, SSI, SSA, food stamp and low-income housing and more. We also provide limited interpretation services for medical appointments for eligible low income seniors.

Social Services & Case Management

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Social Services

Bridging Program

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The Bridging Program is for low-income seniors and disabled individuals who have been isolated in their homes for a long time. This program allows for supportive emergency services, such as providing meals and hospital ride/transportation services, and connecting communities to those who do not have any family or caregivers. 

To learn more about this program, please click the button below. 

TEAM Phone Bill & CHANGE Utility Bill Service

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Funded by the California Public Utilities Commission, the TEAM (Telecommunication Education and Assistance in Multiple-Languages) Collaborative has a community based organization in our area that can help you solve your telecommunication issues. 

TEAM provides education and complaint resolution to consumers who are not proficient in English. 

The KACS staff who have been trained for TEAM assists Korean-speaking telephone customers to resolve disputes with their phone bills, identify erroneous charges, and properly educate them regarding their consumer rights. 

If you have received a phone bill that you do not understand, or has charges you don't think you owe, we can work with you and the phone company to address your billing issues and resolve your telephone complaint. 

If there is anything that you do not understand on the phone bill, feel free to ask the KACS staff by calling (408)920-9733. 

Caregiver Support Program

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We provide essential services for both those who are isolated seniors and caregivers to bridge the gap between needs and available resources. Providing support to caregivers is of utmost importance as they play a crucial role in fulfilling many older adults' desire to live healthy and safe at home during this shelter in place. Through this caregiver support program, we can ensure quality caregiving services to the most vulnerable populations during COVID-19 and post COVID-19.

Transportation Services

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For our many seniors, getting to and from KACS is a challenge because they don't own a car or are unable to drive or do not live near a convenient bus-line to KACS. A significant number of our members have said that they would participate in KACS' programs more frequently if it was easier for them to come to KACS. Our transportation service aims to alleviate this access issue by providing a pick-up and drop-off service for our seniors in our van. 

Due to limited funding, however, KACS is able to provide transportation services to our seniors only twice a week. We prioritize the transportation service to those seniors who live in Section 8 low-income housing. We hope to offer this service daily and to a larger number of seniors in the future.

Our long term goal is to relocate our main office to a location that offers the best access by car and by public transportation and also is within a comfortable radius of neighborhoods that are known to have a high concentration of Korean American seniors. 

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