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Civic Engagement / Citizenship Assistance

Toddler Co-Op Program

Cultural Events


Civic Engagement /
Citizenship Assistance

KACS has always been dedicated  towards encouraging civic engagement for Korean-American immigrants because we believe such activities will lead to a whole, self-sufficient, and rewarding life in America. In addition, KACS regularly offers a Citizenship English Class which reviews basic U.S. history to prepare students and seniors for the U.S. citizenship test and help with an application form. 


Toddler Co-Op Program



Our Co-Op Preschool Program fulfills a vital role in our long-term vision of establishing vertical integration of the entire Korean-American community, young and old, into the KACS family. We aim to provide a supportive setting to our toddlers that promote creativity and social interaction with their peers. Some activities include singing, dancing, and arts & crafts. 


Cultural Events

KACS prides itself in hosting many cultural events that help to preserve and promote the heritage and collective identify of Korean Americans. Each year, KACS hosts the First Full Moon Festival, Parent's Day, Chuseok Festival, and Arts Festival, where nearly 2,000 guests of all ages attend annually.