Community of Interest

Every 10 years, U.S. Census data is used to redraw City of San José City Council district boundaries. This ensures the districts are balanced for changes in population. The City Council wants to hear from you on how these boundaries should be drawn. In order for us, as community members, to get involved, it would be great for your input on your community of interest -- keep communities of interest together is a high-ranking criteria in the redistricting process. 

To learn more about what redistricting is, please click on the button below. 

San José Redistricting Public Hearings/Mapping Sessions Meeting Schedule:

August 7, 10am - 12pm
August 7, 2pm - 4pm

August 14, 10am - 12pm
August 14, 2pm - 4pm

August 21, 10am - 12pm
August 21, 2pm - 4pm

September 11, 10am - 12pm
September 11, 2pm - 4pm

September 18, 10am - 12pm
September 18, 2pm - 4pm

- Senior Center Cypress MPR Dining Room (District 1)

- Willow Glen (District 6)

- Southside Community Center (District 2)

- Evergreen Community Center (District 8)

- Cambrian Community Center (District 9)

- Almaden Community Center (District 10)

- Roosevelt Community Center (District 3)

- Seven Trees Community Center (District 7)

- Berryessa Community Center (District 4)

- Mayfair Community Center (District 5)

Public Comments

Private Testimony

Your "community of interest" testimony is at the utmost importance NOW!

We need your voice to be heard for our future districts.

What are the common interests in your community? Describe how they are important.

What are some important places where people come together, like community centers, churches, temples, neighborhood associations, or parks?

What issues need attention from officials? What community projects need resources? (Parks, transportation, social services, schools, sidewalks, affordable housing, flood risk)

What would you like your representation to do for your neighborhood?

Please be specific with answers!