Previous Events at KACS:

Parent's Day Event 2020 

05.14.2020 | 11am ~ 1pm | 1800B Fruitdale Ave., San Jose 95128

​어버이날, also called Parent's day is a day where we celebrate all parents! Due to COVID-19, we were not allowed to have a proper event for this special day, however we made the best that we could to make sure that our appreciation goes out to our parents and our seniors! With this, KACS staff and volunteers created a drive-thru where seniors can pick up their gifts and lunches! With social distancing, we made sure that it was most important for our seniors and families to be safe! 

New Voting Experience for 2020 Election & 2020 Census 

02.29.2020 | 2pm ~ 4:30pm | 998 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose 95129

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters and KACS presents the New Voting Experience for 2020 Election and the 2020 Census as a new way to bring light to our members about what our Korean community can do to help as a civil's duty. During this, we were able to speak about the new VCA (Voter's Choice Act) Policy placed this year for our elections, as well as discuss about why we all count for Census 2020 for April 1st, 2020!

First Full Moon Festival 2020

02.08.2020 | 11am ~ 1pm | 1800B Fruitdale Ave, San Jose 95128

대보름 (Daeboreum), otherwise known as the First Full Moon Festival, is a Korean holiday in which we celebrate the first full moon of the new year of the lunar Korean calendar.  We also, provided food from K-Star Doshirak. And with the help of Santa Clara University, OakGrove High School, and our KACS volunteers we were able to be successful in this event! Thank you!

Santa Toy Event 2019

12.23.2019 | 2pm ~ 3:30pm | 1800B Fruitdale Ave., San Jose 95128

Every year right before Christmas, KACS hosts this event in which we invite our friendly neighbors to bring their families and enjoy the presents and Christmas-themed food such as hot chocolate, sprinkled cookies, and many more. We wish everyone a happy holidays! Side by side with the Family Resource Center, we were able to make a joyous environment!

Korean Arts Festival 2019 

12.14.2019 | 2pm ~ 4pm | 2100 Moorpark Ave., San Jose 95128

예술제 (Yehsulje), or the Korean Arts Festival, is an event that KACS hosts every year to show off the enchanting beauty of Korean culture. During this event, we showcase our wellbeing classes such as Zumba,  장구 (Korean drums ; Jang-Gu), Line Dance, Ukulele, and many more!

Chuseok Festival 2019 

09.14.2019 | 11am ~ 1:30pm | 1800B Fruitdale Ave., san Jose 95128

​추석 (Chuseok), is a Korean holiday in which we celebrate the good harvest. This is actually a major harvest festival that is celebrated on the 15th day fo the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. During this event, we also provide traditional Korean food. 

2020 Census Convening for the Korean American Community:

Why it Matters & What We Can Do Together 2019 

08.19.2019 | 10am ~ 5pm | KOTRA Alaska Room, 3003 N 1st St., San Jose 95134

In collaboration with KACF and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco, as well as the support of the U.S. Census Bureau, Asian Pacific Fund, SCC Registrar of Voters, Asian Law Alliance, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, this event created a space where all Korean community members are able to discuss about how they will handle the 2020 Census and the new policy for VCA (Voter's Choice Act) Policy which is implemented for the 2020 Elections. 

Parent's Day Event 2019 

05.04.2019 | 11am ~ 1pm | 1800B Fruitdale Ave., San Jose 95128

​어버이날, also called Parent's day is a day where we celebrate all parents! This event focuses on the parents, so the KACS Toddler Co-Op Program puts on a cute performance for their parents as well as our seniors who enjoy watching the toddlers dance around! During this event, we also provide traditional Korean food. 

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